Kate Holden

Katherine E. F. Holden is a Cumbrian Freelance Illustrator and Games Designer born in Cumbria and currently based in London, England. She has a BA in Joint Honours English Literature and Japanese, an MA in Games Design. A former Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga finallist and Manga Jiman competition winner with credits on titles published by Penguin Randomhouse, Walker and Rockport, and clients including The BBC, Screwfix and Serverless Days.


  • Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived, Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords - Christel Dee & Simon Guerrier - Penguin Randomhouse
  • Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes - Sophie Deen - Walker Books
  • 1000 Tips from 100 Manga Artists - Cristian Campos - Rockport
  • Leek and Sushi's Manga Show: 150 Years of Friendship - ITCH Publishing
  • Leek and Sushi's Manga Show: Manga Cupcakes - ITCH Publishing


Currently seeking an agent.

To contact me for illustrative work please get in touch with me by email. I typically respond within 48 hours.

Email - kefholden@gmail.com